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Our activities:

Our skills

We have been working on several Open Source products for years and we can assist in their installation, configuration and maintenance.

Some examples:

  • Apache HTTP Server: the most widespread web server
  • Bacula: cross-platform client-server backup software
  • Cacti: network monitoring and graphing
  • FreeBSD: free and advanced UNIX-derived operating system
  • MIMEDefang and SpamAssassin: email filtering softwares
  • Nagios: network monitoring and alarming
  • OpenVPN: securely connecting roadwarriors and/or different LANs through standard Internet connections
  • PostgreSQL: the most advanced Open Source DBMS
  • Samba: network-storage, domain management, Windows - UNIX/Linux/BSD integration
  • Squid: web proxy that can filter/analyze traffic and reduce bandwidth usage