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NetFence servers are ready-to-deploy systems which are developed from the ground up with a special attention to security and fully managed by us from remote.
Their modular architechture, scalability and customization possibilities make them the perfect solution in every context: from the small office where a single box should manage all the network needs, to the big server room where multiple NetFence servers can work side-by-side or perform specific tasks, becoming part of a pre-existent server group.


  • built upon solid, reliable and secure OpenSource software
  • high security throughout all the service phases
  • high flexibility
  • full interoperability with other systems (Windows, Mac, UNIX, Android, ...)
  • continuous monitoring
  • remote management
  • efficient separation of services' environments through OS level virtualization
  • self-protection from networks attacks through IDS
  • full scalabilty (eventually including seamlessly moving the system to new hardware without any modification)
  • availability of side-by-side installations to team computing power or achieve high-availability


NetFence servers can fulfill several roles and the delivered services will vary upon the context of installation.

Some examples:

  • advanced routing (e.g. taking advantage of multilple ISP connections to achieve aggregation or fail-over)
  • stateful IP firewalls (with personalized inbound/outbound rules and IPS)
  • application proxies (e.g. filtering/logging web or mail traffic and providing statistics)
  • network management (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory domains)
  • VPNs (either LAN-to-LAN or for external users/roadwarriors)
  • file server/storage
  • mail server (IMAP storage, logging, webmail, antivirus/antispam filtering)
  • groupware/collaboration tools (calendars, shared address books, workflow management)
  • SmartWorking tools
  • webservers
  • application servers
  • databases
  • backup systems
  • monitoring/data collection