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Our guiding principles are flexibility, security and continuity.

We believe, first of all, that our solutions should be flexible: it's not only a matter of tayloring our offer, hardware- and complexity-wise, on the size of the customer or the criticity of the problem we address; different needs require different products. That's why we provide support for different platforms (PC, Mac, UNIX-like) and are ready to deploy different architectures.

Flexible must also be our interaction with customers: we deal with small companies and professional firms, for whom we fully manage every IT aspect (from development of a strategic vision and hardware supplying, to daily support and maintenance), but we can also offer an invaluable help to more complex business realities, filling their gaps in highly specialised sectors, cooperating on fulfilling their core-business or offering consulting in specific processes.

We strongly believe that security, too often overlooked, should instead be a primary concern in every scope of IT; so we do pay it a special attention in every phase of our work, be it design, development or maintenance.

Finally, we think that any complex system cannot be deployed and forgotten; that's why we think it's important to conceive trackable and easily maintainable designs.

We do also believe in Open Source software: avoiding high licensing costs is only the first benefit arising from such a choice; the full availability of source code allows for customisation that closed-source software seldom provides, shortens the delivery times of patches (especially for security vulnerabilities) and can avoid vendor lock-ins. Furthermore, Open Source software is always more often better than its proprietary equivalent and, thanks to open standards, can achieve a better integration between different packages and processes.